Google Apps For Your Memory

Trying to keep things in your memory is difficult.  We would like to have pristine environments to work, but the reality is that in the grind, work is messy, fast and relentless.  Yet, when we are getting things done, all of this information is valuable as a log for future reference.  There are times when we need to recall information for a variety of reasons.

What happens when you have instant recall of what you are looking for without having to store it in your brain?  Here are some ways Google Apps can work to keep your valuable information logged:

  1. Relationships. You may not be able to recall someone who contacted you.  Simply search your past emails for a name or topic via a web browser or your mobile device.  Filtering your search will reveal who the person is quickly
  2. Events. There may be a need to find out where you were in the past.  Simply Google your Google Apps Calendar and you will quickly find everything from Event subjects to the details.
  3. Templates. If you have to produce something similar in form with some customizations, you can search your Google Docs to find a past document.  Make a copy and create a new document with modifications.  Again, you can access this via a web browser or your iPad or mobile device.  Your documents are at your fingertips.
  4. Execution.  How your business is to be executed can be created within the context of a powerful knowledge base and site.  Search to find best practices, FAQ’s and answers to technical issues.
  5. People. You need information quickly about a person.  Search your Google Contacts or your past emails.  Your storage of information will surface information for you to connect and make next steps happen with someone.

Saving your information and storing it in the cloud gives you immense power to access past information. Google Search is the foundation of the entire Google Apps system and this can be leveraged within your group collaboration and personal workflow for higher levels of speed and execution.

Your mind has an extension with Google Apps.  Knowledge for action can be quickly accessed.  It is the way to get things done and move the mess of work into focus for action.

Question:  What would it mean if you could recall what you need when you need it?


Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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