Google Chromebooks For True Cloud Computing

With the introduction of Google Chromebooks, Google is continually moving the world forward with cloud computing.  In other words, the web is the computer.  Processing, upkeep, storage and enhancements are services which we consume and let SaaS providers worry about keeping us up and going.  Google Apps is in this category.  We are focused on getting things done personally and collaboratively.  Google focuses on keeping us running and making things faster and easier.

A laptop which only uses the browser to compute can help commit your organization to speed and execution quickly.  Consider the following advantages:

  1. No IT Hassles. You can issue out these laptops for your team and know that they are using maintained software on the web for getting things done.
  2. Convenience. With computing having already moved to iPhones and iPads, we are used to a quick start.  Any lag becomes an obstacle for engaging work.  The Google Chromebook is on in 8 seconds and resumes instantly.
  3. Connected. The logic for connecting via Wifi and on the Verizon wireless network make computing ubiquitous.  As we travel, we work.
  4. Cloud Storage. Your team is logging calls, creating Google Docs, accessing email, sharing files and moving projects forward.  Storage is maintained in the cloud and your daily company information assets grow because your team works in the cloud to get things done.
  5. Agility. We know that technology has a rapid half-life.  Your computer is not worth much if you own it for 2 years compared to when you bought it.  Chromebooks are at commodity prices (Less than $350 starting) and create immense ROI opportunity.  The web and web apps continually change.  Computing power to access the web is minimal.  If you swap out machines, there is low cost for a new purchase and from transitioning to a new machine.

The critics will come out from every angle on Google Chromebooks.  Consider it an opportunity to test and drive a strategy.  The world is not going backwards to desktop computing and packaged software with version upgrades.  It is continually moving forward and moving faster.

Imagine the possibilities for managing your business and growing revenue using the cloud exclusively.

What are your thoughts?  Feel free to comment.


Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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