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With Google Apps Chat, you have a connected team.  When your organization is connected, they can be anywhere in the world.  Collaborating in real-time becomes powerful for moving vague pieces forward to a puzzle.  Often times, the people on your team have a distribution of necessary knowledge to solve problems and drive action forward.  Here are some tips for using Google chat to help you get to your goals faster:

  • Enable Green Robot. This is a Google Labs feature found in the Mail settings which will display icons as Androids for those who are remote users.  Know if your users are remote or at their desk.
  • Set Status.  Make your status show your availability.  Create culture around this to help people to respect other people’s attention.
  • Chat With Links. Copy and Paste links to sites and content you need to show.  Use My CloudApp to take quick screenshots and show an instant url page.
  • Bring In Others. Add people to your chat as needed to continue clarifying issues.
  • Send SMS. Sometimes, texting is less obtrusive.  Do it from your Chat window based on your recipient’s status or device.
  • Remember The Chat. Your chat logs are searchable and provide a valuable archive.  Use your chat to drive record keeping.  The spontaneity and convenience make it a way to record commitments and actions.  Search on these later in your search bar.

Google Chat is a daily in and out tool that helps you move quickly in your daily workflow.  Use etiquette when considering disturbing others.  Open your team to being responsive and supportive as well.  This allows freedom to get information as needed between team members.  Furthermore, ensure your mobile devices are set up to work seamlessly within your Google Apps Chat culture.  This keeps everyone connected and your collective knowledge to be a continuous asset in your work.

How are you using Google Chat to get things done?


Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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