Marketing With Story

We are all tied into story.  It is part of being human and can be found in cultures across time and space.  It is what resonates.

If you don’t have a story, you don’t have a business.  There is too much noise and your buyer cannot differentiate your offering from others.  When we work with our clients on positioning their brand and automating their marketing systems, the story is what has to come through to bring life to the otherwise devoid value proposition.  Why you do what you do has to come through or there is not a connection with the customer.  Your backstory is part of what makes you unique and valuable.  Here are some areas which are vital for building your audience:

  • Make it personal.  How did you arrive to where you are?  Share the journey.  What is the background to how you came into existence?  It is unique to you and needs to be told.
  • Share the process. If you deliver a service or a product, share how it is made.  Illustrate the steps.  Talk about the meticulous care you take in sourcing raw materials or working through the finer points of process so quality can shine through.
  • Illustrate problems and success. Your customers need to see themselves in the testimonials of customers you have.  The customers you have provide a mirror for prospective customers.  Tell their adventure in a way which highlights their problems and how you solved it.
  • Paint the vision. Do you want to have 50 million people using your product?  Are you wanting to bring water to every village in southern Africa?  How does what you do connect with something larger than all of us.  Your story helps the customer know what they are a part of by participating.
  • Create meaning. Whether you use symbols or imagery, make a connection with something simple that stands front and center in the customer experience.  Help them think about your story through something ubiquitous and frequent.  Make meaning happen.
  • Talk from the heart. Leave out the corporate speak and connect with authenticity.  Ensure your tone and copy shine your humanity through.  Faceless, sterile corporate identities leave little for the emotions or to build trust.

Every touchpoint you have with the marketplace should be laden with your story.  Let it resound with conviction.  The stories we hear help us identify with people and brands.

What is your story?

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Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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