The Asset Of Choice

Your choices define you.  They constitute powerful habits and opportunity in your life because they take you down a trajectory path.  Keep making a series of choices and you end up with a pathway result that becomes predictable.

In my article about perseverance, I realized that the concept of perseverance needed to get more concrete.  It comes down to choosing to stick with something despite difficulty.  That choice will continue to be presented by the pressures of difficult challenges as well as the ambiguity of elusive solutions.  When you choose to continue a step forward, you are practicing perseverance.  It becomes a habit over time.

I can remember when I was in high school, I had a very long trek during an Outward Bound expedition.  There was a blizzard on a mountain glacier my group was ascending.  The conditions were brutal.  I could not see anything.  I had no feeling in my fingers and toes.  I was roped with three other people and taking a step at a time to reach a peak we determined to conquer at 3 AM earlier that morning.

I can remember thinking over and over, “This is temporary.  This is temporary.”  My body was present.  My mind was thinking of warmth and celebration after.  It was the worst I felt in my life, but it was also the most focused.  It is amazing what pain can do to help us get laser focused.

That day, I made it up that mountain with a choice of one step in front of the other and claiming one positive thought over each negative thought.  It’s the same process I have used the rest of my life to achieve anything.  It all required perseverance.  I learned to choose continually to keep at it.

If you want to achieve great things and rise above the mediocrity, then keep choosing it a step at a time.  If you want to change, then persevere by continually choosing the new habit, not the old.  By choosing, you are becoming.  That is what will define you.  It is the greatest asset we have to make our hopes and dreams happen.  Persevere by choosing.

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