Marketing Automation For Smart Lighting Solutions Provider

Redwood Systems provides intelligent lighting solutions for businesses across the world. They provide cost savings to large businesses that want to control energy, temperature and lighting via their control panel platform.

Redwood Systems hired AscendWorks to advise them on managing their inbound leads and implementing marketing automation campaigns with lead scoring, lead nurturing and sales conversion. The technology selection process involved implementing Loopfuse for marketing automation. We provided the development support to integrate marketing automation into their website and program web forms for capturing new inbound leads.

A lead scoring strategy required process mapping of the various buyer profiles and how they move through the marketing funnel towards sales readiness. Our team then customized the marketing automation system to assign scores based on visitor behaviors on landing pages and their response to the multiple content pieces delivered via lead nurturing over time based on the buyer profile.

Data was recorded and mapped into and sales management reports helped the team understand the marketing funnel and what pipeline activities were occurring for new leads to be converted.

AscendWorks provided the strategy, systems implementation, software development and design work within the context of converting leads via site visits and marketing campaigns.

We helped the Redwood Systems team understand their marketing metrics and adopt processes for driving sales engagement.

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