4 Things Dreamers Do

My wife loves to remind me that entrepreneurs are “dreamers that do.” In other words, they execute.  This is separate from mere dreamers.  Dreamers do a few things that are different in how they approach life and business:

  1. Dreamers dream big, but act small. The ideas for what is possible are endless and imaginative.  The track record of getting things done and building something is lacking.  It is great to brainstorm with a dreamer.  Moving to a realistic goal is another thing altogether.
  2. Dreamers confuse activities with results. Being busy with interactions with people or doing work that is random can be just as satisfying emotionally as real results.  It’s a fatal trait much like treading water and thinking you are swimming somewhere.
  3. Dreamers are content with their dreams. Imagine an exquisite and elaborate meal placed before you.  You take each individual bite bathed in luxury and joy.  There is an entire feast spread out.  Now wake up and get to reality.  The dreamer stays in that dream.  They like the experience in their mind and it suffices.
  4. Dreamers lack commitment. Because the dream is the object of affection, commitments to themselves or others are handled with less gravity.  Making you feel good with a commitment can accomplish the goal in the dreamer’s mind.  They don’t necessarily have to follow through with their commitment.  They gave you the feeling which is a service in and of itself.

Our world is a manifestation of dreams that came true.  The spark which dreamers provide is valuable.  They help us to imagine.  In fact, we all need to have that part alive and well, especially in a creative economy.  However, coupling our dreams with execution is the magic which separates those that are getting ahead from those that are revving their engine but going nowhere.

When you look yourself in the mirror, ask yourself, do you do what dreamers do or are you a dreamer that does?

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Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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