Opportunity For Less

When bubbles burst, downsizing hits you or innovation trumps old ways, there is opportunity to rise above the perceived adversity.  I say, perception, because the larger workings of a market typically reveals what markets demand and want.  Your market has a shift and your ability to recognize the opportunities change affords you can help you take advantage of your new reality.

Go for less.  You had probably been going down a bloated pathway because of habit, culture or indifference.  Take the correction as a way to reinvent and reset.  Here are some ways to make less work for you:

  • Less real estate.  Work gets done anywhere and everywhere now.  When you want to get something done, where do you go?  I’ll bet the office is not it.  That is where you collaborate.  However, distractions abound.  Furthermore, lease obligations, managing overhead and changing conditions make physical space cumbersome.  Consider less in this area.
  • Less hardware. The internet is the computer.  Storage is online.  Consider building a cloud computing infrastructure and focus instead on getting things done.
  • Less IT. Why are you in the IT business exactly?  You might want to reconsider and remove the failure points, fortress mentality and bloated systems.
  • Less meetings. Use collaboration instead.  Work is about actions.  Structure your culture to move to action and execution rather than feel-good deliberation.  Force decision-making into your systems.  Function will follow form and leadership in this area.
  • Less difficult people. Work with those you like and that energize you.  If your hiring policies are poor in this regard, change them.  Talent and personality are often a guess.  Use trial periods and simplify how you partner with team members or service providers to keep building agile, capable teams that get things done.
  • Less people. The industrial age experienced automation of mundane factory jobs.  The information age, likewise, has an abundance of systems and tools to automate white collar work.  No management, complaining, emotion, or headaches.  Just pure execution.  Where possible, insert automation and systems.
  • Less complaining. There are too many great opportunities and your competitors and naive, energetic young people are figuring it out.  Commit to winning and get on board.  It brings more value than complaining.  Associate with likeminded people.
  • Less selling. Most products and services are bought, not sold.  How about restructuring your strategy and approach to help your buyers buy and remove the interruptions, annoyances and self-serving tactics that were for a past age.
  • Less pretensions. Get real and connect with your market in authentic ways.  Shed the corporate veneer and be human.  This may mean simplifying your copy, being more accessible or offering transparency.  Work it from the inside out.  It’s a Google world, so it’s hard to fool anyone with claims about yourself when there’s plenty of claims from others out there.

The world continues to get more efficient.  That means obsolescence of old ways that don’t make sense anymore.  If you are forced to change, then go less.  Better yet, if you are wise enough to assess and take action, then go less with how you are doing business.  There’s always a lot less you could be doing.

What are some areas you can push for less?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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