Why I Am Not On LinkedIn Anymore

I agree with David Meerman Scott’s classic blog post, “Why I Am Not On LinkedIn” (David Meerman Scott removed the post and apparently joined LinkedIn, thus the link has been removed). I had been reading several of his books over the past several months and can appreciate his common sense approach to marketing.

For me, it’s important to stay focused.  Doing too many things creates more distraction and inhibits productivity, execution and focus.  It’s easy to do with all the new toys and technologies in the new economy.  I can understand the pull.  LinkedIn was one of those systems that has lost relevance over time.

I was tired of getting solicitations from recruiters, strangers and salespeople looking to leverage the ecosystem LinkedIn has created.  It’s more for them than it was for me.

Why I Am Not On LinkedIn

LinkedInThere used to be a time when the novel aspect of LinkedIn worked for me.  I could make connections and keep up my address book.  Of course, the world has changed dramatically as well.  My activities were focused on outbound marketing and selling then.

However, with the explosion of social media and content marketing, the process for selling has changed.  Products and services are largely bought, not sold.  The business I do comes from this concept and approach.  My blog here and my Twitter site drive inbound marketing leads and deals.  Many business owners, executives and entrepreneurs that want to work on a venture or hire me for systems, strategy and process consulting reach out.  They can easily Google me to find me and learn more about me.  They can read my thoughts and approach to business and strategy here.  It is my home base and where I have control of my own systems.

Social Media Strategies

I think that the social media avenues everyone chooses will depend on their markets, personalities and commitment.  Musicians should use Myspace.  Personalities should use Twitter.  There is some fit for LinkedIn depending on your focus, goals and approach.  My take is that most people don’t want to be bothered.  They do want value.  When they want something, they search for it and usually find what they are looking for.

It is good to take inventory periodically and refine your approach and renew your commitments.  If something is not working, then freeing up your bandwidth and mind space is so important in this attention economy.

What I Am Committed To

I am committed to providing leadership and strategy continually.  I do this by reading, writing and speaking.  My publishing platforms are via this blog primarily to help hone valuable content and help make a difference.  Time I place elsewhere has to always be measured by the return on investment.

My clients can find me.  Those that need to connect can find me.  In a sense the world has become flatter and our systems allow me to always stay “linked in.”

If you are feeling spread out, take inventory and renew your focus by cutting out what isn’t working.  When things change, I change.  What about you?

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