Simplifying Business Systems

Building System

Your business systems are your business and the degree to which you can design and engineer how they work will determine your ability to grow.  In the past, many systems had to be built with complex coding for highly specific requirements.  They were brittle.  If you changed a requirement, then the labor to correct the missed requirement was painful.  Hard coding meant cycles in rewriting code and rerouting logic.

Technology has lowered the barrier for building the systems you need for your business whether you are starting a business or growing one.  Specifically, working with platforms which allow for customization and development allow you to iterate as you figure out how you want to build your business.

Don’t Build Software From Scratch

You don’t need to start from scratch.  You can start from a platform.  Whether you are seeking a CRM system, website, social media conduit or business software system, working from an already built platform allows you to focus on the business more than the technology.

Customize how you want the design of your business process or design elements to work on top of the platform.  As you move into more extended requirements, you can create custom development scripts to work between other open technologies or create your own utilities to drive actions.

Simpler systems are more strategic.  They allow you to change quickly and this is the best strategy today as the business world changes at an unprecedented rate.  Keep your systems modular and able to grow with your requirements.  It keeps you from painting yourself into a corner.

The Real Work

If the technology is not the issue, then what is?  It is the clarity around strategy for how to build your processes and systems.  This entails business process mapping and leadership.  Furthermore, a priority on flexibility in anticipation of future requirements is advisable.

The real work is in clearly working through the processes and making real-time changes as your teams bring feedback from their usability and productivity or as customers align to your systems and logic.

Making business complex is pretty commonplace.  It is rare to see elegant design in systems and processes that can scale.  That is true art today and one that can determine your ability to grow your business successfully.

What systems do you wish were simpler?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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