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abrahamtradingAbraham Trading Company, a futures trading firm based in Canadian, TX, sought to improve their sales and marketing processes.  We worked together to help them work on strategy and process within as well as data migration from a client-server based CRM system.

Chris Kemp took some time to share his thoughts in the interview below:

Don D. Thanks for taking the time this morning
Chris K. Absolutely.
Don D. How are you guys using today that has made a difference in your business?
Chris K. Before we started using Salesforce, we really just used our CRM software to keep track of our client information, we were not using it to help keep our sales process streamlined and organized.  Now we are really using Salesforce to keep us on track and focused in our marketing efforts.
Don D. What was your experience like with our work together to get Salesforce working the way you wanted?
Chris K.
We signed up with Salesforce because we liked the idea of cloud computing and the ease to sync client records with each other. However, when we got on Salesforce we realized it was a broad template and there were some features that were not necessary for our business and some features that we wished it had. We called you and you were really able to understand what tools we could use to help be more effective in our marketing efforts.
Working with Don and the team has been a great experience. Not only have they listened to our requests but they have come up with some great ideas to help us use our time more effectively and use Salesforce to its full extent.
Don D. Thanks, Chris. That is kind of you. How has collaboration worked for you guys using  Are there some customizations which you can comment on that work especially well for you?
Chris K.
Recently you were able to create a custom upload so that we could update our clients’ account information on a monthly basis. Having this information at our fingertips when clients call is very necessary and so this customization is very helpful for our team.
Before we got on Salesforce, each of us would update our records and at the end of the day we would have to organize a sync. Using Salesforce and having real-time updating makes so much more sense. We can create tasks for each other throughout the day and update client or potential client records and immediately have access to those.
Don D. If you had to advise someone considering working with me for consulting, what would be your advice?
Chris K. Our company has been very happy with our relationship with you and how you have helped us optimize Salesforce. You have been very attentive, complete tasks in a very timely manner, and are very professional. We would recommend you to anyone that is getting started in Salesforce and needs to learn how to use it more effectively for their business.
Don D. Thanks, Chris. We have enjoyed working with you and your team as well. Any closing thoughts?
Chris K. The key to being able to use Salesforce and the customization you provide effectively is making sure that you actually use it and form those good habits. It took us a while to adjust to the new format and the process that we used for marketing but now that it has become habit we are really glad that we made the switch.


About Chris Kemp

chriskempChris works on the marketing team at Abraham Trading Company, a futures trading firm based in Canadian, Texas. He graduated from the University of Texas – Austin with a degree in Economics, and was a member of the Swimming and Diving team that won three National Championships.

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