Lead Generation Value Propositions

Lead generation is filled with challenges to create and implement a marketing system and process which connects.  There are many people looking for what you offer.  Helping them initially find you is a strategy in and of itself.  Search engines and social media are the main portals which people today use to find and consume what they are looking for.

Once a person lands on a relevant page, they will be on or off of it quickly based on the value you provide.  Ideally, they clicked a search result or a social media sharing link because they had the correct hope.  Their hope was that you had something that would help them.  They click off because:

  • It was just marketing
  • It was not relevant
  • It was not helpful

Assuming your content engages, the next step is to help your anonymous visitor to become known.  This challenge is overcome with a highly relevant and personalized value proposition.  Your value proposition is what increases the relationship from a person who is browsing to someone who is willing to give your their information for reciprocity – your valuable information.

In our work with our inbound marketing clients, we set up systems to deliver high value to visitors and help them become viable leads for sales.  Here are some important parts of designing and delivering the value proposition which we have seen connect and deliver results:

  1. Educate the buyer.  You think about your product or service continuously.  It is likely a much smaller part of the mindshare of your buyer.  They are thinking about many other things.  Start from square one and help them understand your industry and how your solution works.
  2. Build a vision.  Capture and deliver the stories of what is possible.  This may be case studies or a white paper outlining strategies.  Help the visitor dream about your product or service working in real life to increase health, wealth, relationships or whatever the promise of your offering is.  Paint the picture to help them see themselves.
  3. Tell people how to do it.  The tactics need to be outlined.  Share what real success looks like and how to implement, adopt and use your offering.  It has to be concrete.  Step-by-step instruction works well.
  4. Talk about the negative.  Give a reality check.  What does your customer have to do to prepare for change?  How can they be successful adopting your system, product or services?  Give real concerns and what matters.  Such content helps to build trust by delivering advice in a sobering and realistic way.

There are many other factors to integrate into strong value propositions in the lead generation process.  The value proposition has to be attractive and valuable.  Substance and style are both components which will help convert visitors into leads.

What are some of your successes or challenges in converting visitors into leads?  Feel free to comment below.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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