Google Apps And Building A Virtual Organization

Google Apps allows you to grow an organization in the cloud.  Your team can work in a virtual manner apart from the IT headaches of traditional email, calendaring and document management systems.  This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and visionaries that understand how the new economy for talent works.

In our Google Apps consulting, we help businesses create the infrastructure and strategies for growth.  Here are some ways you can limit your overhead and drive growth with a virtual organization structure.

  • Recruit and try out new talent.  Set up their Google Apps user account and have prepared documents and access to your knowledge base in Google Sites.  If they work out, share more.  If they don’t then turn off their access.  It is simple to set up and restrict access.
  • Keep connected using Google Chat.  Ensure your Google chat is set up for each new user to connect with relevant people on the team.  It allows for questions to be asked spontaneously and quickly.  Furthermore, you can use video and voice to connect across the globe for meetings and getting to know new team members.  It is also an excellent way to monitor working patterns online.
  • Integrate Mobile devices.  Keep the inbox for new users as well as Chat and Calendar entries in real-time.  As your new team members are mobile, they can keep within reach for important messages.
  • Create an internal blog.  Using your Google Site, you can set up notifications around an internal blog.  Post articles which keep everyone on the same page and builds your culture.  Help communicate priorities and keep everyone on the same page wherever they are located.

Before Google Apps, it was difficult to integrate new team members into your organization.  Physical location was important.  Using the cloud computing platform Google Apps offers enables you to look beyond your four walls and work with talent wherever they may be.  Use these strategies to make collaboration easy around your brand.

Are you using Google Apps for a virtual organization?  How is it working?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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