Google Apps Developer Strategy

Google Apps is a platform which can be extended with custom development.  When you are starting with Google Apps in your business, you gain productivity and collaboration benefits from using messaging, calendaring and document management with the Google Apps suite of cloud applications.

Over time our clients learn to adopt the system as we help their users manage their everyday work.  Where there are opportunities to improve business process, Google Apps can be programmed via its API to support and improve business processes.

Integrating Business Process

Whether you are servicing a customer, selling services or driving marketing leads, your other systems and business processes can be integrated with Google Apps.  The API (Application Programming Interface) allows for custom development.

Moving a contract through a process using Google Docs would be an example of facilitating a streamlined process.  Interactions with a customer portal or website can be captured as a set of requirements which in turn are delivered via custom programming between Google Docs and your systems based on the process flow of your existing business.

Another example would be routing of forms from Google Spreadsheets and how the data is routed from website forms or emails.

Our strategy is to examine your current business process and map them out.  Google Sites can be used to map existing processes and clarify how information flows.  From there, the components of Google Apps which can drive productivity gains would be defined.

Take A Look Around

Your business can go faster and your customers can be experience more delight.  A good set of questions to ask are:

  • Where are things cumbersome or manual in our business?
  • What processes can be automated?
  • Is there email management which can be better managed?
  • Are there any scheduling or calendaring functions that can afford better collaboration?
  • What document management processes can be optimized?

Expand your thinking.  Some of this may be solved by using Google Apps more adeptly.  There may also be opportunity to create a custom solution to make your business go faster.

What are some areas you can think of you would like to see process improvement if you had a developer deliver?


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