Gaining Clarity From A Fresh Perspective

In working with clients I have often found problems hit roadblocks because of a lack of perspective.  Being too close to a problem such as stunted business growth, poor sales strategy or low customer loyalty may be something that is hard to see.

Our own blind spots can cause us to miss answers or be willing to see them.  Here are some I often see:

  • Paradigm shifts.  If the world is continually changing around us and we have been used to doing things a certain way, our lack of growth catches up.  We resist change or anything that sniffs of innovation.
  • Personal relationships.  We may become too dependent or have some strong pull to dysfunctional working relationships.  Choosing such relationships over results can often prove difficult to overcome and have to be brought to light.
  • Knowing the goal.  Asking a simple question, “What is the goal?” brings clarity when ambiguity may reign.  A perspective which spotlights the goal is invaluable to focus actions and next steps.
  • The curse of knowledge.  When we are so familiar with our problems as well as all the technicalities of our business, we can become near-sighted.  We know too much and this can prevent us from thinking more broadly about our problems.
  • Lack of urgency.  Our emotions help to drive us to action.  If we don’t have urgency it is because we are not emotionally bought in yet.  Inspiration is important for change to occur.  Getting real about what should happen and the reason behind it is important to move us forward in making things happen.

As an advisor, much of what I do is provide fresh perspectives addressing the obstacles which can muddy clear thinking.  Reframing the problem in terms of stories, metaphor and anecdote can help to move a discussion to new decisions and clear actions.

The value of a fresh perspective pays immense dividends.  You can get clarity and get things done.

Can you recall times when a fresh perspective has helped you see a problem differently?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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