Chapman Injury Collaborates In The Cloud

Neil Chapman works on injury cases in Evansville, IN via his law practice. The process of managing the documentation, communications and tasks around a personal injury case requires collaboration within his team and outside firms including hospitals, insurance adjusters and other legal firms.

The workflow for moving a case from the  initial client inquiry to a settlement can get bottlenecked by slow systems and process.

AscendWorks consulted with Neil to walk through the business processes and capture what requirements could expedite collaboration and increase productivity within his firm to drive more throughput with less cost.

There are a lot of software vendors out there, however, making sense of what is available and implementing software to support an information process is challenging with the noise and options. We walked through a systematic process of technology identification and evaluation.

Furthermore, we mapped the production process and customized cloud-based systems to help the operations for Chapman and his team. This included implementing Google Apps with a knowledge base, real-time collaboration and mobile access. The flexibility of using cloud-based platforms and integrated workflow processes allows Neil to scale up or down quickly with other team members as required by his case load.

Google Apps allows for team members to chat, share calendars and collaborate on documents that are part of a specific case. There are no servers or software to manage. Each user simply logs in from wherever they might be located, which removes the constraints of a physical location to get the work done.

Moving to cloud computing and training on the ways to execute a defined business process are important and this strategy opened up further exploration of other systems to drive the customer experience and revenue. This has put Chapman on a path to continual refinement of business process and systems for his firm.

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