Scalability With Google Apps

Moving your team from a server to the cloud allows you to go faster.  The interchange of data, managing that data and leveraging the data becomes easier.  The friction between a piece of software talking to a server, as opposed to direct access to a service that is always on, has completely different business impacts.  The former has failure points, requires setup and shut down of users, and is much more challenging for outside access.  The knowledge worker of today can be working from anywhere, anytime in the latter situation.

Managing systems is not a part of our business.  It is a cost, not a benefit.  We want to be in the business of making money, getting things done and promoting our brand.  The more a system becomes transparent to our execution, the more we can focus on what matters.

In the Google Apps world, we get to live in the new reality of executing and communicating in real-time.  The system can scale to allow for virtual workforces and accessible, secure information access.  Teams today rely on an integrated architecture in Google Apps to focus on business problems and get away from the IT issues of the past.  The measure of a business’ success can arguably be about its scalability and ability to adapt to change.  Your systems today afford you the opportunity to pace with the demands of the new economy.

Perhaps you want to grow and feel the friction from old systems. Why continue to settle for old ways of doing business? Commit to a cloud strategy and use Google Apps to launch your core communications systems for growing your team and providing the balance of security and flexibility to grow.

If your systems could help you grow, what would it look like?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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