Old Marketing Still Persists

I saw this stack of yellow pages. They were pristine and untouched in a mall after a full day. Noone took one. Why would they?

I see the yellow pages thrown out on streets when they are distributed. On a rainy day, the pages mulch up from the moisture.

Why still kill trees to get out advertising? The books look silly. The world doesn’t pick up the yellow pages to find something. It’s bulky, outdated and inconvenient now.

Here is what is convenient:

  • I find you on search when I am thinking about something
  • I read about you on Yelp to find out what others think or what is nearby
  • A Tweet mentions you in a story
  • A Facebook page is continually updated and I find it
  • I see pictures and audio/visual on Google+ of your products in customers’ hands
  • I look you up on my iPhone or Android device

Old channels of marketing still hold on. Most buyers of this kind of advertising are hoping something will happen. There is nothing to measure. You can get a feeling of whether it’s working, but there’s nothing analytical about it.

Well, one thing is for sure. As long as people are not picking up the old stuff, the attrition is natural and accelerating. We will always have those that hang on and hope instead of get on and do what’s relevant.

What old forms of marketing are you still finding work?

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