Why Salesforce Is Not For Dummies

When something doesn’t work, it is easy to blame the software. We see it all the time. Salesforce.com is a system which is highly customizable and can power an entire business, with limitations of course. However, it depends on talented people that can navigate the system, execute process and think. To elaborate:

  • Navigate the system. If you cannot make your way around a computer very well, then you will likely struggle. It is software and software does not work for you. At best, it provides a framework that allows you to move, click, enter data and get things done.
  • Execute process. Salesforce.com is only as good as the process your team prescribes. If you lack process, then it is a glorified database. You can input data, but there might not be forward movement in the way you execute and collaborate with your team or the customer.
  • Think. You can’t stop thinking just because you have powerful software. You have to think deeply about what you are trying to do and how you are doing things. How many fields you have, what those fields are, what data objects should be created and how the data relates all have to work in a cohesive and sensible way. When you design or use the system, it requires thinking systemically about the trade-offs and effects on your overall team.

There are many companies failing at using Salesforce.com. However, there are also many, many companies successful using the software. It is why dummies may blame, but they have a weak argument because:

  • There are millions of users succeeding
  • There are thousands of organizations succeeding
  • There are thousands of third-party developers that have invested money and time to plug into Salesforce.com
  • Hand the tool to a semi-intelligent twenty year old and they get it

You can always have a better designed system. That is much of the consulting work I do on Salesforce. However, if you are not determined to be smart, then the struggles in the system will come from something outside of Salesforce.com’s control. They built software for smart people. Thus, choose to step up and become a power user or persist in the vanity of being a dummy. We hope you would choose intelligence. It helps everyone win.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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