Connecting With Your Inbound Audience

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If you sweat and hustle, build a sales organization, interrupt people with traditional media, then you may get a few eyeballs to look your way and pay attention. You may make more enemies than friends in the process, as well. Interrupting people has the tendency of ruining a second chance. Your brand is on the line. That is the detriment of outbound marketing.

However, inbound marketing relies on one key differentiator – connection. As people are searching for what they want or tuned into the information, products and services that will help them grow their business, improve their health and better their relationships, there is opportunity to provide value.

Today, billions of searches happened. People spent enormous amounts of time on social media. If you email someone, they open it within a few minutes. Everyone is plugged in at work or on their mobile device. How can you connect? Here’s how we help our customers connect in this dizzying world of information:

  • Answers. There’s something our clients take for granted. They have answers which they know like the back of their hand. They have mastered their trade. We help them share their answers and make it part of the buying process with their audience.
  • Stories. We tune into stories. It is part of our inherent psyche. Telling the stories of success, the building processes and the history of who you are all connects. We do business with people and organizations we like and can identify with. Stories help to reflect your brand for those that resonate and want to connect.
  • Care. What do you do to make your customers feel special? All things being equal, the way you service and show care needs to come through in the personality and soul of your brand. Examples and testimonials help with this. Proof needs to be shown and shared to connect.

Look at the answer (comfortable shoes), stories (buy one give one) and care (customer service) that Toms is delivering and connecting with. They continue to grow their audience and their authenticity shines through and connects. Just one example of many that are out there connecting with their audiences.

How could you do better?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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