Someone Is Paying The Price

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What can’t you learn? It is all available now. What will you learn? That’s a huge differentiator between the new haves and have-nots. There is not a gap in access anymore. That was taken care of once we got online, went social and could search.

I work across many different industries, and while some have been fortunate to have a latent effect, all industries are changing dramatically. There used to be certainty and stability. This is guaranteed not to be the case anymore.

Your organization and you, personally, are being pushed to grow, change and become something different. If you are not willing to pay that price, then someone else with more focus, work ethic and desire is going to eat your lunch easily.

It motivates me to know that I have unseen competition. I can remember when I ran cross-country back in high school and college. I would review the meet results of my competitors to see what times they posted, where they placed and who they were racing. It helped focus me on where the bar was for competing and pushed me to work hard.

Your competition is out there innovating, growing and changing. You have to keep up with them and know that if you aren’t working, they are. If you are not introducing something better, they will.

Putting the pieces together is hard work. Finding solutions to difficult problems or discovering new markets is required now to get paid. With millions of people out there working, know for sure someone is paying the price to learn and implement their dreams.

Here’s my point – just because you can’t see the progress, assume it is happening. There are people that want to obsolesce you and it’s easier than it used to be. You can only control your effort and habits to stay in the game.

What are you doing to ensure you stay ahead and leading?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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