Inbound Marketing Metrics

Use metrics to drive the refinements of your inbound marketing system.

Much of what drives inbound marketing happens in the rigor of analytics and metrics. There is a process and cadence to driving results which we use with our clients.

As inbound marketing systems take root and the valuable content created for clients is getting found, the hard, continuous work of figuring out how to connect with a buyer, segmenting various buyer profiles and nurturing each segment has to be refined.

We work to keep our clients aware of how the systems are performing and here are some key components which help to drive towards success:

  • Key search results. Monitoring what phrases and keywords are being used helps to develop future content. This is critical for building the authority of a site for further search.
  • Social media effectiveness. The posts and interactions with people on social media is a key channel for visitors and leads. Looking for what posts create clicks as backlinks is a feedback loop for the ongoing management of how to position and what is valuable.
  • Conversion points. Watching what causes conversions and what is not working helps to see if the “breadcrumb” trail has flaws or works predictably. Reducing a bounce rate on landing pages requires relevant calls to action.
  • Subscriber engagement. As people want to keep up with the valuable content being offered, they need to be further nurtured and metrics on loyalty need to be identified. This requires driving further value at various timeframes to take advantage of the opt-ins from your subscriber lists.

These are a few of the metrics that an inbound marketing system requires. There are many more that require review daily, weekly or monthly depending on the change required. The key is to integrate a discipline into your sales and marketing processes that drives towards optimized buying processes.

What are some key metrics you review?

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I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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