Recognizing And Respecting Feedback

Lunchbreak -- Give Us Some Feedback
We need feedback to propel us to success. From Flickr stream of I am Jacques Strappe.

Feedback is critical for success. We have ideas all the time but they have to be tested in reality. The universe has a way of giving us feedback to help us along the journey towards success.

Feedback comes from many different places. The ignorant or foolish person cannot recognize this. Leaders and entrepreneurs make the mistake continually by not seeing some of these forms of feedback:

  • Failure. When you fail, it can be extremely valuable. Failure is where your lessons are acute. If you keep failing at the same thing, it is tragic. You are not seeing what needs to change and how to avoid the failure.
  • Market response. If customers don’t buy what you offer or are not attracted to your offer, then you have to change the pitch or product. The market is letting you know whether you are priced too high, are ill-timed or irrelevant. Be sure you know what the reasons are and be humble enough to change direction.
  • Relationships. When your relationships grow, it is a sign of likability. If you repel people in business and life, then it tells you there is something that you are doing that is not connecting with others, perhaps a character flaw. Examine yourself and ask trusted friends to be frank with you.

We need humility to take advantage of the valuable feedback life offers us. It means we can open our eyes to see and avoid things like self-justification, rationalization or denial. It takes courage and a habit towards continual self-development. The rewards are that we increase our wisdom and success. Failure is no longer punitive, but strategic in helping us grow and refine our efforts.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Every man I meet is my superior in some way. In that, I learn of him.” Imagine the great benefits of seeing your relationships in such a light. We are open and allow the feedback of people and life to educate us.

Where can you improve your receptivity to feedback?

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