How To Have Mindjet Speed

Think about the shortcuts and keys to drive speed.

Imagine having speed of thought and clear execution from your team. What if you could ensure you drive ambiguity from your presence? Using mindmapping and reacting to the speed of thought, collaboration and dialogue can make these hopes a possibility.

Mindjet speed relates to a few factors that can make a large impact in your knowledge work process:

  • Translation. The ability to hear what is said and rapidly capture it in a thought.
  • Interrelationships. Understanding how thoughts relate to one another.
  • Action-orientation. Having a relentless focus on action, not mere conceptualization.
  • Typing. The ability to use your keyboard and shortcuts removes the friction in thought.

One way to use mindmapping is to use note taking as a technique. Simply write things down. Later, go and build a map from your notes. It’s asynchronous, however, it may be necessary if you lack speed between your thinking and your capture.

The favorable way to use Mindjet is in real-time. A planned or spontaneous meeting occurs. You can have Mindjet open and simply start capturing thoughts as people are speaking.

This approach opens up the dialogue. There is a centerpiece for conversation and driving clarity. The meaning of what is being said becomes visual and easier to refine.

I have used this approach thousands of times and it cuts out cycles of inefficiency between people. Agreement occurs much faster on what reality is and what needs to be done.

If you want to see such impacts in your own business, then consider speeding up on a few Mindjet functions:

  1. ENTER Key. This creates a parallel node. Use this relentlessly and quickly to distinguish a new thought via a node.
  2. INSERT Key (CTRL+ENTER on Mac). This creates the child nodes or supporting subtopics to a topic. Use this extensively to extend a thought out.
  3. Right-click RELATIONSHIP. As thoughts connect with each other, show this with this simple right-click of the mouse.
  4. ACTION. Right-click on nodes that require action and put a priority on it. The numbers help you see what all the next steps on the map are instantly.
  5. Progress. To track actions on your mindmap, right-click and update the progress. As you look at your overall map, you can see what needs attention across priorities and actions instantly.

Practice the keystrokes and mouse clicks over five times or when you get them. This will inject speed into your mindmapping process. Then use it for your meetings with others.

As you seek to clarify agreements, decisions and actions, this process becomes increasingly powerful for being efficient, clear and fast. It differentiates high performing organizations from those that muddle through unnecessary ambiguity and inefficiency.

How could mindmapping speed help you? Feel free to comment.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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