Decision Making With Mindjet

Decision-making has three components - cognition, divergent and convergent

In your every day work as a knowledge worker, you are faced with two modes of conduct – making decisions and taking action. Knowing what to do is a process that is often murky when there is a lot of complexity and stress. A key way of using Mindjet in your work is to drive a decision-making process that helps you get results quickly.

Here is the process which occurs in everyone’s decision-making:

  1. Cognition thinking. This is both awareness and understanding. The decision maker is working through what is on the table and making sense of it. Clarity is required. Mind mapping out the details to drive understanding helps to frame a problem and ensure there is complete and thorough understanding.
  2. Divergent thinking. This thinking opens up all the possibilities for a solution. Mind mapping is perfect for capturing and organizing all the options. It is a process of exploration and ensuring that as many alternative choices are available. It’s a time to open up without strong evaluation.
  3. Convergent thinking. Selecting the best solution needs to happen with more critique and focus. Of the options that were explored, convergent thinking evaluates the merits and deficiencies of a solution. It is a narrowing of options.

Within Mindjet, a mindmap can be created around a decision. Using this process flow, the best options can be driven either individually, collaboratively or within a real-time meeting. The inner nodes can help to clarify what the issues are. The intermediary nodes can capture the various options while the map markers and symbols can be used for grouping and evaluating ideas.

When looking at one mindmap, a decision should emerge with rationality and complete clarity. The connections in the cognition, divergent and convergent thinking are all there.

How can you use this in your decision-making process?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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