Daily Inbound Marketing Metrics

There is a lot going on daily. In the old days, the phone would ring or mail would arrive to help us feel like something was going on. It was analog. We could touch and feel it.

Today, the digital world provides information on what is happening. If your inbound marketing systems are set up right, then you should be able to see:

  • who is interested in you
  • how they found you
  • what content matters
  • what action steps visitors take
  • what is holding them back

All this is real-time information that has to be looked at daily. The process of continually refining the content, systems and process a buyer experiences can be revealed from their digital body language. You can’t just call them anymore. You have to provide value and clear steps. Your inbound marketing metrics is the flashlight in the dark for you.

It is rigorous, but there’s not much choice if you are committed to making your marketing funnel work and bring value to your customers. People are looking for answers and solutions. Make it easy for them to get it and you become a greater part of everyone’s pathway.

One of the key metrics to ensure success of your system is lead conversion. These are people who move from anonymity to raising their hand from a call-to-action. You should be striving to get lead conversions every day. If not, then something is not working within your process. Perhaps your content is not interesting or the steps are confusing. You can look at your metrics and see where people are dropping off. This provides great intelligence in fixing the design, automation or content.

If you are committed to continual refinement you will see improvement in the way leads flow through your system. Your metrics help you see the right levers to pull.

What metrics are you tuned into?

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