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Software is nothing without talent and strategy. From Jon Montjoy's Flickr photostream.

You might think that being successful with driving inbound marketing leads starts with software. That’s a different pitch from a typical software vendor selling inbound marketing. A good system is part of the overall strategy, but the strategy and talent is the critical piece for an inbound marketing approach to truly work.

Imagine dishing out $10K-$30K per year on software before you even have any content, logic, automation, scripting, or all the other pieces necessary for developing and nurturing leads. The advice you get after this is to hire 1-3 people who will focus on the content development, blogging, social media, systems management, analytics and all the other pieces. The overhead can then go upwards of over $200K on top of your initial expenditure without a lot of traction towards results.

If it is important to work hard for the next couple of years, have perceived control and do it yourself, then this path may seem appealing.

However, there are some drawbacks that focusing on inbound marketing software rather than inbound marketing results has:

  • Someone else’s platform. You are putting your content, designs and assets on someone else’s platform. There is convenience, but it is a trade-off. Discontinue the service and see what happens.
  • Management. You have to manage any new employees and talent you bring on. There are layers to the operation that go beyond the surface level.
  • Ideas and strategy. You might have software, however, it still needs to be driven. You have to develop continual strategies which connect and work towards developing an audience.
  • Overhead. There is a lot of overhead as we have mentioned. This is before the results even start to flow through. Furthermore, you are locked into a year-long contract often times without recourse.

Service Not Software

When you go to a restaurant, do you expect to cook and serve your own meal? No, you expect great service and a stellar experience.

What if your money went to results instead of software? What if you were able to:

  • Build your own assets. Everything is on your own platform and owned by you?
  • Fully serviced. All the management is dealt with via process by a professional partner?
  • Connect with your audience. Continual strategies develop your audience and are introduced at a steady cadence?
  • Get results. Your money goes towards immediately building your own assets and driving content which is personal, relevant and timely for your audience?

This is the difference between working with a professional partner or a mere software vendor. You get service focused on results with an expert team rather than having to walk through much failure developing and managing your own team internally.

Meanwhile, all the effort is putting out systems, content and leads which become your own assets. The business choice revolves around competencies and return on investment. You have an immediately high level of competency out of the gates. Your ROI starts right away as your assets are being developed and launched immediately.

We talk to people who realize inbound marketing is the strategy which connects with buyers today. However, the confusion around deciding on software versus services is not clear. At AscendWorks, we put it all together and build your own platform, not someone else’s. It helps you drive towards results right away and makes sense for the money you will spend to go to work right away.

If you want to learn more, feel free to schedule a consultation and we can share what this means in further detail. We encourage you to think service, not software.

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I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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