Movie Recommendation: End Of The Road – How Money Became Worthless

This film does a great job of providing a baseline education of how the current financial system built around currency rather than money works. The derivative we have built our belief and lives around – the dollar – is built on an unsupported foundation. The game is one that every leader understands. Print more money to drive the life support of the current system.

The game almost ended in the most recent financial crisis. The likelihood of the system collapsing over the next decade is not some kind of drama. It is fundamental around the numbers. At a high level, here is what the game consists of:

  • If you are only going to live a little while and want to enjoy things today without paying for them, then borrow and have your children repay it while you are long dead. At least you lived your life.
  • To have what we want today without affording it, simply lend ourselves and others money and use it to pay past debts as well as what we need currently.
  • Keep kicking the can down the road. It’s buying today’s costs and putting the responsibility later.
  • Keep substantive value – gold – suppressed. Promote believe in currency instead.

There are very large forces acting on our businesses and families. It is not unprecedented to see a currency failure. Dozens have happened since World War II with the modern systems we all operate under.

What can you do as a strategy for you and your family?

We have thoughts around this realizing we live in an uncertain world. Furthermore, the illusion of security is quickly eroded by simply reading history. We read a lot of history. People overextend. Societies delay answers to crises. Rarely do people take responsibility. It is typically and tragically human.

I think this film catalyzes thinking around how to understand what is happening. Perhaps it will help you commit to further financial education or think through strategies should hyperinflation start to domino.

It’s not the end of the road yet. Money has not become worthless yet. The trajectory is certainly pointing that way. It’s a hot potato played out over time and generations.

Check out the film. I would love to hear your thoughts here on what you see as personal strategies. Thanks.

Published by Don Dalrymple

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