Inbound Marketing And Persistent Content

Building your assets brick by brick creates lasting value.

When we work through inbound marketing strategy with our clients, much of our focus is on the persistent assets we will build. Persistence is of extreme importance today. It is different than the fleeting craze of social media junkies that want to stream real-time events. While the latter is important for broadcasting, it lacks in persistence. After all, who cares about a ten-day old tweet? It’s old news.

Content that is persistent is an asset which works on your behalf in the following ways:

  • Search indexing. Your content, which is well done and optimized, becomes part of the indexing catalog for Google and the other search engines. When the millions of searches each day occur, your asset becomes a candidate for getting found based on someone’s timing, not yours.
  • Timing independence. To expand on the previous point, Twitter and Facebook rely heavily on relevance. Your tweets and posts are viewed based on what is current in someone’s view. If they miss your timing, then you could be ignored altogether. Persistent content is open 24/7 and is outside of this timing. It is available.
  • Compound interest. As your information assets continue to build and cross-link, then the value of your overall asset increases. Your relevance scoring increases. There is a compound interest effect around keywords that people are searching for. It takes time, but your asset is also hard to displace by fly-by-night marketers.
  • Thought leadership. As strangers engage your brand, the persistence of your content establishes your credibility. If a buyer can read how you do business and what your successes look like through story, ideas, strategies and execution then your positioning becomes much higher to build trust.

The hard part for many businesses is discerning what matters with all the options out there. Strategic inbound marketing involves focusing on the rudiments. Provide valuable content that helps you get found and connects with buyers. Build it on the best platforms.

Without this, your efforts become fleeting all the while dissolving time that could be applied to building assets.

How are you building your assets?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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