I’m Getting Closer

Andy Murray after giving it all

Watching the 2012 Wimbledon Finals between Roger Federer and Andy Murray with my family was thrilling. Both men played at an extremely high level. Murray was playing for the hope of being the first British native son to win the tournament in over 70 years.

Federer was seeking to tie Pete Sampras for a record 7th Wimbledon, despite his older years.

As the award ceremony took place, the crowd honored Murray with standing ovations recognizing his valiant performance. He was in tears and took a while to gather himself from the emotion. I can imagine the hard work and heart ache to get where he was all released inside.

He started by saying, “I’m getting closer.” It caused the crowd to erupt. I loved it.

He has yet to win a major, but he will. Federer wished this for him in his gracious championship speech as well. Murray had the showings of a champion in the making. It wasn’t his time yet.

I loved the fight in him, despite being down. I loved the maneuvering to continue probing for the week spot in his opponent’s game. I love how he handled himself as a gentleman, despite defeat.

Winning is a process. Losing is part of that process. Murray is paying the price that Federer has paid repeatedly.

I think leaders understand that adversity and overcoming means we are getting closer. We handle the defeat with full engagement and know its part of moving towards something greater.

Thanks for inspiring all of us today, Andy.


Published by Don Dalrymple

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