Can You Trust Yourself?

“If you can’t trust yourself, you shouldn’t be an entrepreneur. You should be a worker and let someone else make the decisions. At the end of the day, you have to live with your decisions – good and bad. If you screw up, at least you did what you thought was right.” – John L. Herman

With our current economic woes, there are a lot of people trying their hand at entrepreneurship. The hope of having freedom and making money on your own is alluring, or at least desperation from the security of working for someone else.

Herman’s quote above is spot on. If you struggle with making decisions or living with them, then give up the endeavor altogether. There are just too many decisions on the journey and you have to be comfortable making decisions with conviction.

My encouragement is to find a good boss. You want direction rather than set direction. Thus, the best second option is to follow someone who does this well without second guessing themselves.

How well do you trust yourself?

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