Leading With Lists

Lists create order and drive to action. I use them as a working dashboard. Photo from Rusty Marvin's Flickr Stream

My days are filled with lists. They help me to turn noise into action and get things done. The lists end up in different forms, but ultimately, it is what helps to keep things from becoming overwhelming.

Here are the lists I check to keep things on track with my team and myself:

  • Google Tasks. This is a random catch-all. I can enter information in quick from my iPhone or while working. Any thoughts – unfiltered or refined – can get added quickly. I go back to review and may move these tasks or ideas to other lists as appropriate.
  • Basecamp projects. Any AscendWorks projects that have ongoing servicing requirements or defined milestones are carefully managed with milestones and To-Do’s. I review this regularly and ensure that we are on track meeting our commitments and that anything requiring clarity is captured. It’s a list that keeps a high level view as well as the details of all actions and communications. If it is in order, then there is both control on our side and delight on the side of the clients we serve.
  • CRM Deals. I review relationships in my CRM systems and ensure all tasks are captured and current. Any Deals need to be moved to the next step or closed. It’s a continual list of trying to figure out ways to bring value to people that are considering inbound marketing services or leadership consulting. This is a list that I review carefully each week and ensure there are appropriate actions to get done around relationships.
  • Twitter. I review this continually updated list to connect with the world and keep in the loop on key happenings in my industries. There is a certain vigilance, but I work hard to keep things updated for people that are following and seek to bring value to help people with their productivity, leadership and marketing strategies.

Those are my key lists. My daily ritual involves reviewing each list and updating accordingly. It keeps anything from falling through the cracks and moves ideas to action quickly.

How are you managing your world? What lists do you use?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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