Feeling Sold

If your sales conversation is creating tension, there is likely a good reason. There is no trust.

I received a call out of the blue recently and uncharacteristically took the call. I was waiting on another call from a number outside of my area code in Austin, TX. It was a mistake.

A smooth and fast-talking salesman was on the other end. I had signed up for a service which focused on helping reporters with stories based on my expertise. The branding was completely around helping reporters.

However, the company that created this landing site was in small print, apparently. They called me and started feeling me out and pitching me on the software they promote and use to power the site I signed up on. Bad move. He was selling and it created immediate tension.

He could sense that I was disengaging. I gave him honest feedback and let him know I was feeling sold. His approach created tension, not trust. I also felt duped. It was clever marketing to promote a service and platform, but then to use this to direct me to an unrelated technology felt like someone sold my name to a list company.

I understood that the company were one and the same, however, the brands were separate. One was about a social service. The other was about software. I was confused and I did not like feeling sold.

If they were committed to growing their list and connecting with me, it could have been done completely differently. Now, they ruined my perception of both of their brands. They went for the sale too early and it created awkwardness.

It would have been better to help me become aware of who was behind the service. Then give me some ongoing value to help me grow my business with strategies that may or may not relate to their software. Tell me stories about how people are using the platform. Take your time. Let me get to know you.

That’s my perspective as a buyer. It would have likely worked over time. But because they were so eager to sell and I was unready to buy, the experience was distasteful.

Ever felt this way?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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