The Information Exchange Between Marketers And Buyers

Tune in and know what the behaviors of your buyer mean to translate them into meaningful sales steps.

It used to be simpler when the job of a marketer was to merely be popular. Much of the job of a marketer was one-sided focused on broadcasting the merits of a brand and positioning a bigger than life view of their company. However, since buyers can simply tune out or click over to a competitor in seconds, such vanity attempts can raise suspicion rather than build trust.

Most buyers are engaged in information gathering to build their own understanding and comfort level. While they are doing this, they are not even close to making a decision. However, they are giving off signals of their readiness along the way. The marketer who can tune into the movements and actions of buyers while deciphering their interest levels is engaged in an intelligent exchange of information.

The hard work is not only deciphering but providing something desirable and valuable in the path of the buyer each step of the way towards their readiness to engage. We like to call it a “breadcrumb trail” at AscendWorks. They are picking up breadcrumbs on a trail to gain confidence and understanding. It is both an education process and a way to get familiar with your brand.

As each breadcrumb is being picked up, the marketer must be able to use this information to guide the buyer with compelling and inviting steps towards a sales discussion. Introduce the salesperson too early and your sales funnel can leak prematurely. The engagement is both out of order and awkward.

Consider the buying signals that matter and the psychology of what prospective customers are experiencing. The system which can both quantify and qualify this information creates a ready pipeline for your sales team. The hard work is to know what information is valuable and putting it into a context for both marketing and sales to take appropriate and timely action.

How is your information exchange system set up?

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