Strategy And Execution Is Everything

Knowing what the next moves should be and making it happen takes special talent.

Knowing what to do and then doing it is where much of the value of our economy exists. There are abundant numbers of industrial-minded workers that are neither remarkable or creative. Tell them what to do and set up rewards and they will get to work. It is the predictable output which our school systems promoted and the assembly line mentality of manufacturing lines produced.  It was good for an era that was focused on efficiency and production.

However, the factory moved. Knowledge workers are expected to output work efficiently. The tools today allowed us each to become the factory and get things done with ease.

Moving information in a variety of ways and getting things done can be accomplished without the friction we once had. What is important is how we can solve problems and whether we execute. The raw materials exist to create all kinds of new solutions. How to use the knowledge, tools and resources available is the hard part.

Take a system like It is the top CRM software system with millions of users. However, there are thousands of cases of failure. Everyone buys the tool out of hope and hype. They think the tool will help them sell more and become more. However, making Salesforce work is the whole problem, not buying the software. Having a strategy of how it should be used to drive to a goal takes process thinking and systemic insights. Miss this and all you have is a glorified database without any success. It’s a pretty common occurrence.

This same mindset can be found with all kinds of gadgets, systems, software and technologies. Making something work and having the creativity to see an application of a tool takes talent. Talent is able to develop a strategy that is based in the constraints of reality while seeing the opportunities for success.

If you can move from know-how to making it happen, then the world will come knocking at your door. You are scarce and desirable. The rest of the world wants the result and the direction you can make happen.

Strategy and execution does differentiate today. Think about these two qualities and keep separating yourself from your fellow worker. It is the path to continued relevance.

 If you don’t have know-how and you are not making it happen, then what are you doing?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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