Choosing The Right Route Rather Than The Cheap Way

The bitterness of poor workmanship remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.
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In every area of life there is a cheaper alternative but don’t forget the bitterness of poor workmanship stays long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. ~ Benjamin Franklin

I have observed a root issue to the success of many companies and people. They continually choose a cheap route rather than the right way. This mentality creates cost in other ways besides just money. Cheap can be very costly.

When building business systems, for example, there are always choices of tools and technology. When trying to make a $19 per month software work just to save another $20 per month over a competitive option that fits better, it leads to frustration and compromise. And for what? To save a few bucks? Cheap people don’t think about broader cost. They think about very narrow criteria.

If you try to build software yourself, the costs rise geometrically. Try hiring a software developer and tell them exactly how it should be built. The experience will start to expose the cost. Software is a bargain. The costs are amortized over the masses. Sure, you can get 99% of your requirements, but the costs track with this as well. You are the only customer and absorb all the costs.

In turn, a few more dollars per month to have a better fit avoids the headaches of trying to make something else work that lacks the workmanship.

If you ever wonder why you are not making progress as you like, ask yourself if you truly pay the price? If you are always choosing the cheap way, then extra cycles, extra costs and extra frustrations become the price you pay.

It’s much easier when there is a right route to choose. You can get on focusing on the end goal rather than in the mire dealing with distractions.

Have you found yourself in this dilemma before?

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