No Man Is A Failure Who Has Friends

No Man Is A Failure

“Dear George: Remember- No Man is a Failure who has Friends” – Clarence the Angel, from It’s A Wonderful Life

My family and I enjoyed the down time of the holiday and took in some great movies. The kids got to watch the classic of Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed and absorb the message of life’s challenges, sacrifice and friendship.

Clarence signs his beloved book of Tom Sawyer with the note, “No Man is a Failure who has Friends to George Bailey, who is restored to his life that he looked at with despair. He did not realize how rich he truly was in the midst of his lost finances, opportunities and life. He was rich in friendships.

It reminds me this New Year to remember what is important in life. We all work hard pursuing our dreams. Many may just be working hard and have long forgotten their dreams. What is always before us is the opportunity to make someone’s day and do something kind. The more you do this, the bigger your life becomes.

Today, I am grateful for the friends in my life that have helped me along my own journey. I am also looking forward to the many friends I have yet to make in the coming year. Each day I walk this earth, I want to be successful in making a difference in the lives of people and to meet needs.

This means that I have to become more observant of what the people around me, near and far, need and go about the business of helping.

The world is a crazy and scary place at times. We all need each other. Sometimes it’s a word of encouragement that can lift someone’s spirits. Other times, it is rolling up our sleeves and getting in the trenches. Today, I hope your life gets bigger with intentional living trying to help people.

How can you help people around you with what you have?

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