Qualifying Your Prospective Customers

The tactician aims her efforts towards anyone and everyone with a pulse in hope of a sale. Meanwhile, the strategist thinks through one simple question – “Who can say ‘Yes’ to me?”

The difference between effort and results can be identified quite clearly in the efforts of poorly managed outbound marketing or sales process approaches. Instead of wasting energy and time on prospective customers that will never buy, consider targeting your efforts and focusing on only those that can say, “Yes,” by doing the following.

  • Look at your best customers. The customers you work with are likely a mixed bag. Some are painful to work with. Others are less than ideal. However, you likely have some favorites where it is a delight to work together. Itemize what makes them your best customers and get concrete. Specify their qualities which make them a fit. Are they eager for new ideas? Do they pay on time? Are they easy to get things done with?
  • Ask hard questions about their budget. If you are selling a high priced item and going after mom and pops, then it is likely not a fit. There has to be a price match. Is this customer used to paying the price you are offering? What other items do they purchase for their business that are similar in scale. If the answer is “No” then put your efforts in better places.
  • Evaluate mindsets. Your best customers will get you. If you are highly technical in your marketing and approach then having a counterpart you are dealing with builds rapport. If you are ostentatious then a decision maker with a sales and marketing bent would appreciate your presentation. Think about who says “Yes” and be sure your persona matches.

Your list of qualified leads and prospects will narrow down and you can focus your approach accordingly. Then be sure to increase your effort and presentation in how you approach your prospective customer. There are fewer to work now and they deserve more than the casual numbers approach.

Be creative and design an approach that grabs their attention and creates interaction, not interruption.

You will be saving your best work and flipping the sales funnel upside down to be working with the best prospects who had a chance to even truly engage in the first place.

How can you get started on this?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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