SXSW Real-Time Gaming

Impressive real-time gaming with sportscasting at SXSW.

The South By Southwest (SXSW) gaming convention was a spectacle to behold as Alienware put on a show. They had 15 gamers playing in real-time on their platform with World of Tanks. The sportscasting and visual displays kept the audience engaged just as if we were at a sporting event.

It goes to show the power and innovation behind collective and passionate endeavors. I liked how they showed the power of their platform by real use and user engagement. Nothing more needed to be said. There was a lot of forethought in setting up the SXSW display, equipment and show.

Gaming is a great hook and having people watch gamers on a stage with commentary brings the experience into a great arena combining play, competition and marketing.

If you haven’t gotten down to some of the SWSW gaming venues, drop by to see the innovation and marketing at play. Well done by companies who are constantly have to figure out how to engage their audiences.

Published by Don Dalrymple

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