The Scarcity Of Guts

Trail blazing path
There’s always a new path to blaze. Have the guts to find it and pursue it.

It’s very rare that I hear people admit what they are truly feeling when it comes to change or making a right decision for themselves or their business. People are masters at masking their fears. After all, much of our schooling and institutions did a great job of pumping out managers. The problem with managers is they are managing everything including their political careers, the people around them and their own personal risk.

This strategy was not bad in a world where we were on steady ground and things did not change so quickly. However, the digital revolution upended all of the classic approaches and requires much more guts and action from everyone, including the comfort seekers. The great thing is that if you have guts, you are scarce. And being scarce makes you valuable. Here’s why:

  • While everyone else is managing a decision, you are making one.
  • You can get things done while the world is stalled.
  • Change becomes your new comfort zone.
  • That restless feeling you are now acquainted with is actually the new safety.
  • Taking a risk creates energy and momentum – things you need to make something valuable possible.
  • You won’t wake up one day wondering where your business, your job or your market went.
  • You realize the cost of the status quo is far riskier than moving with the currents.
  • The world gets out of your way when you know where you are going (or even if you don’t).

We like to think of having guts as some emotional event. I look at it differently. It is leadership. It is taking responsibility. It is making a decision when everyone else is hemming and hawing.

There are likely so many things that are outdated in the way you work, where you work or who you service. It’s dangerous to keep doing nothing. Your customer is not going to tell you to reinvent their industry either. They are busy getting things done.

However, if you will lead and have some guts, that scarcity you possess will entice them. It’s your job to innovate, to take risks and make new ideas happen. It starts with guts and it is far better to start now than wait for life to hit you between the eyes when the world has passed you by.

So, how about it? How can you show some guts and innovate for your customer or your boss? What’s the cost of playing it safe?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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