Building Customer Relationships With Content Long Term

Let others vainly pursue silver bullets while you build something real and lasting.

We have a skeptical eye towards quick fixes on our team at AscendWorks when it comes to generating sales qualified leads. We know there are plenty of companies out there that may be focused on vanity metrics such as visitor traffic or lead counts. However, with the real goal being a sale, then filling a pipeline full of noise may feel good, but it’s just a bunch of empty calories.

Selling over the course of time can be trying for those looking for gimmicks for the five-minute sell or the one-day sale. While these may exist, it is likely more of the exception rather than the rule. Customers with high pain may be looking for the fix and want to engage now.

For the vast majority of people that are trying to tune into their pain or understand the value you are offering, it takes time to build trust. Your content that continually offers value, insight and education plays a vital role in helping to build a relationship between you and your prospects. It is how relationship building online is done and the frequency and depth of your content plays a strategic role in positioning you as a trusted resource for the buyer when they are ready.

Furthermore, as you are building your content for the long-term, it becomes immortalized. Google indexes each of your articles and the authority of your site over time helps to bolster the page rankings for keywords that become a focal point of your content library. Thus, your content becomes a storefront open 24/7/365 for anyone looking for answers to find. The more engaging your content is over the long term, the more attraction is built between you and the people that value what you are offering in the world.

It is not necessarily a quick way to make sales, but it is increasingly the viable and steady way as you get found and established. Different readers and buyers will share the insights you offer with their networks and your readership increases over time. Thus, your future customers will be part of the broader self-selected number of readers that your content is nurturing.

In comparison to your other marketing strategies, what would a continuous pipeline from an audience of readers look like for your business? Do you feel it would curb the ups and downs of other marketing approaches and gimmicks?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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