Make The Complex Simple And Enjoy Better Returns

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When we are in the grind, it is hard to be strategic in our planning and execution. This is where an outsider such as an advisor, coach or consultant can help you get above the tree line and see the forest from the trees. You may be working hard, but the return on your efforts – the amount of work you put in and the signal you get out – may be much smaller than if you applied a different strategy

I find that taking a strategic look, perhaps through some brainstorming time, can pay large dividends. It can flip the effort/signal ratio. I think what happens when we are buried in work is that something simple eventually creeps. We don’t think about the overall impacts of adding on another person or putting in new features. The world has a way of pushing onto our systems until there is a collage of disparate pieces that work together.

Making the complex simple is a great way of seeing more clearly and getting rid of noise. For example, if you start peeling away the steps in your sales process, can you get to the pieces that really matter and do less work for more return on time?

Or what about your customer service process? What if you removed two channels of communication and went with a simple web portal for support questions? This can minimize the number of places your team has to check and increase their focus and attention.

If you are operating multiple businesses as an entrepreneur, what would happen if you consolidated efforts or just got rid of one so you can focus? You might find the limited focus and energy you have is not so diluted and able to serve and grow a vital audience that grows exponentially versus one that is half-served.

There doesn’t have to be a long retreat to get some changes. I think it is best to start simple. Get some outside eyes on how you are doing business. Attack the complex areas that seem disorganized and take a lot of energy. Then see what can be peeled away, streamlined and simplified.

So what could you imagine being more simple in your work processes?

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I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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