Author Rank Is About Authority

The weight of authority online is being measured by your authorship and substance.

We say a loud “Amen!” to our friends at Copyblogger who summarized their hard work and research on Google’s Author Rank and its effect on page rankings. While the signs point to the rollout of the social layer and author ranking for Google to establish credibility with content creators and authors, it has yet to be fully implemented. However, having substantive content that is engaging on a human level is rewarded. It is what people want.

The trends from Google’s algorithm updates reveal their desire to make a refined web that rewards remarkable content, not gimmicks. If you are able to engage readers and have a strong reputation based on authority, then this adds up.

Putting your name on your content and knowing what content is ascribed to you helps to establish your authority. We have been refining our client’s content marketing systems to reflect their authority around Google Authorship and their search results are benefitting from their increased authority on their industry thought leadership topics.

Your Credibility And Reputation Matter

So your reputation is going to follow you online more than ever. The anonymous web is converting to an intelligent and responsible web where you put your name on what you put out there. It is permanent and public for the world to access. If your name (and face) are behind the content now, then it shows more responsibility. There’s not some kind of trolling mechanism that is turning what should be helpful value into gimmicky marketing.

I welcome the changes. I think it will continue to filter out the gamers and those of us who work hard to put out true value will only continue to rise.

As for our clients, our work to ensure there is consolidation and strategic integration between the brands, domains, people, content and processes still remain an ongoing labor of hard work, creativity and strategic focus. It’s great to know that while the rules keep changing, the foundation of work from content assets and the growing audiences our customers gain are durable to help them grow revenue.

We will continue to monitor these developments and integrate them into our client’s systems and strategies as we learn more.


Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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