When Technology Is Good Enough

USB Hardware tool
What happens when this hardware becomes obsolete? Does it matter?

Remember when we used to talk about how fast our PC’s operated? 512 MHz was amazing. Then 1 GB was a bragging point. 2 GB blew our minds. We don’t talk with each other about processor speed anymore. That technology has matured, become commoditized and quite frankly, would be a boring bragging point. The technology threshold for usefulness has been met and it is good enough.

When we would watch a screen take ten seconds to switch applications, we were irritated. We were tuned into the high fidelity experience we feel with mature mediums like television and the experience gap from using a computer. But we tolerated it because the payoff was worth it. Also, we didn’t know we were slow. We were conditioned to the slowness that is until the age of speed took hold.

However, the computer, the internet, handhelds, etc. have proceeded through this gap of experience and performance. At some point, the threshold has been met and looking at all the features and technical terms became meaningless. The technology has matured, the prices have come down and you are safe picking any vendor’s hardware. This is the luxury afforded our economy around technology and its usage by the masses. We indirectly support the R&D efforts of companies that are relentlessly innovating around making it faster, cheaper and more delightful.

At Some Point It’s Not The Tool Anymore

So, if you are looking at whether to pick an iPad or an Android tablet, there is a lot of parity between the devices. The platforms differ, but ultimately, it comes down to your business process and how you do things. The same can be said for smart phones, computers and any hardware. In a couple of years, your device will be obsolesced completely.

It’s a lot less about the tools and much more about what you do with it. Your data can transfer between devices when you upgrade by storing in the cloud and operating with a cloud organization setup. This is good for us as business users. We care about getting things done and doing it fast and elegantly. We want to enjoy our tools, so the form factor may appeal to us.

However, ultimately, the tool matters much less than it used to. It is how you lock in and create a process flow for moving information to action quickly.

So next time you catch yourself trying to itemize features between devices, ask yourself if the technology threshold has already been met and you are merely nit picking. Then dive in and spend more energy on your productivity, collaboration and business processes. Execution is what it will come down to. Business masters can swap out the tools and make them flow easily to get work done and create remarkable customer experiences.

Know what I am talking about?

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