Make it Look Easy For Yourself

Cirque du Soleil
Master performers can tune the appearance of effort to show their mastery and delight viewers. From Qinn’s Flickr photostream.

When you know your craft with a high level of expertise, then you don’t have the wasted motions or apparent exertions that a novice might otherwise display. That’s what a writer, engineer or skilled attorney all feel among many expert professions. They have done their craft so many times that their mastery shines forth easily.

When you make something inherently complex and difficult look easy, it will do one of two things. Others may be tempted to think they can do it themselves only to discover the difficulty of doing the work themselves. The second would be that your mastery becomes a remarkable spectacle that is admired and sought after. How you present the show with ease, grace and dignity helps to frame the value of the work itself.

Thus, part of your job is not only to get the work done, but ensure that there is an ease in its appearance that creates delight for your customers. That may take repetition and refinement of the process continually. It’s part of the deliverables. It’s what death defying circus performers do and their mastery can be dialed in to titillate our senses as they please. They can take it to the edge, show complete ease or create showmanship around the act.

With your customer, imagine you are performing. You can continually refining your show and explore all the ways to get an emotional response. Or you can simply go through the motions and treat the work with mundane irreverence.

If you are going to work that hard and repeatedly, then practice when it’s not showtime. Tune the performance to highlight the work and allow the artistry to shine through. It not only increases the value by communicating craftsmanship, but it will elevate your own game to continually create and find new ways of augmenting or discovering value.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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