Hire Smarter To Avoid Heartache

Be picky about talent and hire for knowledge and work ethic.
Be picky about talent and hire for knowledge and work ethic.

A mistake that entrepreneurs and small business owners can often make is to hire for a function. You have a specific job that needs to get done but if you bring on someone just for a function, this can create a lot of grief later.

When I look at talent, I look for aptitude and knowledge. A person who is eager to learn, works hard and figures things out that has some of the skills is far better than someone who is merely a technician and has to be told everything to do. The reason is that there is so much on the periphery of the job. All the collaboration and other key things a small business requires from all its members can suffer from one bad hire.

We don’t have the luxury of the industrial age where a specific job was assigned and that’s what you did until you died. That assembly line mentality doesn’t work in a world where things change fast and the work can be ambiguous.

The people that are smart and get things done with their own self-motivation are powerful. They are scarce. They can figure things out with a little bit of direction.

The rest need a boss that can direct their steps and ensure they get things done. This can be exhausting and get frustrating fast.

This principle goes for freelancers and consultants as well, not just employees. When you get someone smart, you avoid the risks associated with purely utilitarian job functions. The intangibles a person brings count more than ever because the challenges are wide and not limited to something repeatable.

The great thing is that a person I am describing is worth ten who are mere technicians in their value to your venture. That kind of disproportionality can propel you to new opportunities, revenue and happiness.

What has been your experience with hiring?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I am a management consultant to business owners, executives and entrepreneurs. I write and speak on systems, strategy and leadership on my blog and help empower business clients to achieve their goals for revenue and efficiency. I live a life of adventure and work with business clients all over the world from remote locations to help them start and grow their businesses.

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