Why I Like Managing Systems Rather Than People

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Do you spend more time building systems or managing people?

A lot of my work is helping business owners and organizations build and manage systems that help them sell more or go faster with less headache. Sometimes, I feel like the engineer who automated an assembly line and increased efficiency.

Perhaps, my engineering background lends itself to a systems focus. It’s a much more difficult and unwieldy challenge to try and align people to perform a repeatable function.

I am not saying people are unnecessary. In fact, more than ever, having great talent is critical to success. You have to have people that can think, adapt and create in the moment. What we are seeing less of is the repetitive functions that software can automate. Things such as a courtesy notification or prompting a phone call rather than remembering to call create great leverage for people.

The hard part of business is figuring out what to do next and increasing value for others. There’s an art within the science of operating consistently. It’s the decision of people to do something nice or go above and beyond that creates delight in customers.

However, motivating people to tap into what it means to be human is both laborious and many times wrought with interpersonal friction.

A system that can create delight consistently is much more attractive to me. Systems don’t complain or have hidden motives. Systems do their job as they are designed. Furthermore, they go faster. A system that is set up with a human touch relies on logic, automation and artistic finesse. It can work 24/7 and not get tired. Over time, a system is not only more efficient, but cheaper by the day. Set it up and let it run.

Systems that support sales process, marketing automation, project management, customer service and the various parts of a business to function create leverage. You don’t have to revisit the rigors of trying to get the most out of a person or find mistakes.

The game then turns into managing process and refining touch points to continually bring delight and work with responsiveness. It’s more about the creativity and design rather than showing up and pushing paper.

After all, we are human. We do have emotional ups and downs. We do get bored and inspired. Leaving the heavy lifting of repeatability to systems and managing the ins and outs blazes a path to growth. It always has.

When you think about your business, where can systems create more leverage for you?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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