How Outsiders Make Great Problem Partners

Outsiders can make an impact when you are stuck.
Outsiders can make an impact when you are stuck.

I think that clarity is costing more these days. With all the complexity around us, I can see it is hard for people to put the pieces together. It is a bit of a paradox. We have more tools and technology at our disposal than ever before. However, it is really hard to decipher what the problem may be when it comes to growing a business.

Putting systems in place, aligning people and partnering well are a few of the variables that have to be managed in the chaos of trying to run an operation daily.

Then there’s our own decisions and actions. We follow a script that is hardwired into us from our habits and personalities. Many times we are in the way but cannot acknowledge or see this as a problem.

An Outsider’s View

I think plans have a better chance of succeeding with counsel. Sometimes that counsel comes from insiders. However, an outsider that is detached and can see without emotion offers great value to someone who is trying to identify what the real issues are and can help solve them more efficiently.

They don’t carry the biases or the emotion that can build up when we are so close to the action. Their perspective is more rational in many ways.

When I am trying to work through problems, I like getting advice from capable people. There’s those people that can empathize and show compassion. While this can be comforting, I find it much more helpful to engage people that can shoot straight and get to the real issue.

The kind of clarity which comes from someone who can analyze a situation apart from emotion helps make solving the problem much easier. Clarity is powerful in creating empowerment and liberation towards action.

So, whether you have a people problem, a systems dilemma or a business conundrum, be sure you are seeing the problem with clarity. If you are struggling, consider getting someone to help you see who is detached. You can end up saving lots of time, stress and money by getting clarity first.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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