Keep Nurturing Your Buyers Or Risk Being Forgotten

Nurturing a stranger is delicate and requires art and systems.

I have been on hundreds of web pages in the last few days from doing research and trying to solve problems. Some of it is for fun. A lot of it is focused browsing to find answers.

I won’t likely be back to many of the sites because I cannot even remember where I have been. I took a quick look and if it wasn’t something specific that I was looking for then it’s too much of a hassle to figure out where I visited. Furthermore, it is not important to me because I deemed it irrelevant.

The funny thing is that many of the sites fail to engage me. There is nothing to offer me in my research that helps me in my fleeting attention. If there was, we might start a relationship. They could connect with me and continue building trust by helping me in my quest. It’s an exchange of value with attention. I provide the attention.

The messages, content and outreach has to be timely and relevant. It’s selling without being pushy. It is nurturing and helping me get comfortable with something I am unfamiliar with.

Get Personal with Nurturing

Nurturing does require time and timeliness. We look at it as the modern day sales pipeline. People become more ready based on their responsiveness and engagement with content that is branded and has authority.

Nurturing has a lot of moving parts that influence the mind of the buyer. Sometimes this means going slow while other times it means speeding things up. Ultimately, the more personal you can get with your messaging and content the more a relationship will develop.

If you have many people that are finding you, there has to be remarkable design to create a first impression. This establishes rapport with a total stranger.

Your content has to engage. After all, people are not looking for pretty pictures or great web development. They are looking to read something that helps them.

If you create the right first impression and are perceived as an industry leader or authority, then there has to be a call to action which helps someone who is not ready to stay in touch. Unless the pain is high and acute, it is rare for someone to do business with you right away. They don’t know you yet. They may have to see your brand fifteen times before they know who you are.

Your system has to get inside the mind of the buyer and keep providing value along a timeline that is natural and builds relationship. Nurturing is about building trust over time and getting personal.

This is achievable when you combine world-class design, automation, content and salesmanship that is congruent. Nurturing works as the follow-up system that makes buyers ready because they got to know you without being bothered. You earned their permission to help them buy.

If your competitor has an effective nurturing system and you do not, guess who has the bigger pipeline of sales. It’s not an option in competitive industries. It’s a game changer for those that are committing to effective lead nurturing.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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