Jumpstarting Your Productivity

Jumpstart Fuel
Do rituals and easy work to get going. From Daniel Go’s Flickr photostream

I have to overcome the emotional hurdle of getting going on work I know I need to do just like anyone else. It’s hard to push when I am not in the mood. However, one of the ways I have found to jumpstart productivity is to work on small necessary things.

There is a list of items. Small things have to get done as well. When I find I am just force fitting creative projects into a time that my energy and focus are not there, I start to tackle other smaller tasks I have.

Emotionally, this builds momentum and helps me to gain focus. It is easier to work as I go along and my mindset starts to shift.

Furthermore, there is a lot of gratification in closing out open loops. That sense of accomplishment can help build and grow the emotion to go after bigger work on my list.

It’s Monday and coming off fun weekends may have our emotions locked into something entirely different. It certainly has for me.

If you are trying to get going, try spending time working on the small things. Put them in a quick list and start tackling the items.

Work is not mere automaton behavior. It involves emotion and focus. It’s a way I have found to generate inertia in the right direction. The next thing you know, you will be working on things that need your full attention.

Start small and build.

I think the key is to keep moving and be productive. Otherwise you can get discouraged by working against yourself on projects that are just not timing to your work rhythm. There’s always something you can complete and use as tinder to your bigger emotional fire for getting things done.

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